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No matter where you are on your faith journey, where you are from, or what questions and uncertainties you have, you are always welcome at St John’s. We are a community that has assembled to make the journey of faith together. You need not be a member in order to worship with us or to participate in our ministries.

We are people of the Incarnation. We believe God so loved humanity—indeed His entire creation—that God chose to pour Godself into human flesh: Jesus. Jesus thus is fully God and fully human. We believe God loves us, and that our bodies, words, thoughts and ideas, each carry

potential to be used for God’s purposes. We feel God readily hears alike our praise, fear, anger, joy, and uncertainty. We believe God wants us to think for ourselves. We believe God yearns to be in relationship with us. We find both joy and mystery in worshiping God.

We are Sacramental people, whose primary sacraments are the Holy Eucharist and Baptism. In a sacrament, ordinary matter—wine and bread, water—becomes holy, and becomes God’s tool for working transformation in the human heart. We therefore order our worship each week around the Holy Eucharist, and we believe Baptism to be a Christian’s entrance into life as one of God’s beloved children.

We worship both alone and together, using the Book of Common Prayer. You will find that our theology—the way we think about God—informs the words we use to worship. We believe that no language can adequately describe or praise God, but believe the words of our liturgies to be full of both beauty and dignity. Our service of Holy Baptism in particular spells out the things we promise when we become Christians.

Children are welcome during our services. Additionally, Child care via our volunteer nursery is available during Sunday worship (postponed during COVID).

We welcome persons with special needs during services by offering hearing amplification, accessibility throughout the building including seating, and home visitation for those who cannot attend services.

As you learn more about our faith, we hope you will come and worship with us on Sundays at 10:00AM. Feel free to call us with any questions. God bless!

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